Athitos Village

Just 18 km distance from the Potidea Palace, the small seaside village of Afytos (also known as Afitos) is one of the most picturesque locations in Halkidiki and is very different to anything else around it. It is known as a traditional village with great vibes and beautiful paved alleys. The tranquility of Afytos and the nearby beautiful beach make it really popular during the summer. That is why this small village of the Kassandra peninsula is so well-developed in terms of tourism. Facilities include a variety of good restaurants, taverns and cafes, most of which provide great views to the Toronaios Gulf.

Athitos, Halkidiki
White Towe, Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Excursions

Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece and the capital of the region of Macedonia has been voted as the “Best Mid-Sized European city for human capital and lifestyle” by the Financial Times. Offering a rich cultural and historical heritage as well as a cosmopolitan café life, the city of Thessaloniki invites visitors on a journey of discovery. One a day trip to Thessaloniki, one can visit numerous unique museums and attractions, including the Archaeological Museum, the White Tower, some splendid Byzantine style churches such as the St. Dimitrios cathedral and even climb up the old citadel (Acropolis) to enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Don’t forget to enjoy some shopping and an taste an ice-cold coffee at the cafés of the sea front.

Mount Athos Cruise

An unusual day cruise along the monk’s republic of Athos within the scope of a restful ship trip. The monk’s republic on the third and eastern peninsula of Halkidiki, is a self-administering part of the Greek-orthodox church and its monuments dated back to the Byzantine time take pleasure of their worldwide fame. The journey starts from the fishing port town of Ormos Panagias, on the north-east coast of the Sithonia where you will get aboard for a restful boat trip towards the southeast point of mountain Athos. The cruise reveals some breathtaking view of the monasteries, during which you receive interesting information from our tourist guide about every monastery and the monastic life. On the border to the monk’s republic in Ouranoupolis the ship makes a 2-hour stop during which those on board can enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the numerous taverns.

Mount Athos, Halkidiki