The Potidea Palace Hotel Staff Etiquette

The Potidea Palace Hotel Staff Etiquette

The process of welcoming you with grace and finesse.

  1. We speak coherently, clearly and we do not use slang. In that vein, we use words commensurate with the hospitality we create. “Luxury, indulgence, relaxation, welcome, care” are some of our favorites.
  2. We never fold our arms, and we walk at even pace with the guest when we accompany him.
  3. We want to be the friendliest place to visit.
  4. We always maintain a positive body language.
  5. We are trained to anticipate your needs. Besides, one of the core points of our training is to learn to be highly emotionally intelligent.
  6. Every day is an exercise of creativity and a challenge to go from our comfort zone to our passion zone.
  7. Every day an elevated topic of discussion is how to make you happy and even happier.
  8. We know the hotel like the back of our hand.
  9. Our goal is to convert every interaction with our guests into a pampering moment.
  10. We always pick up the phone by the second ring if not earlier.


Adresse: Nea Potidea, 632 00 Chalkidiki, Griechenland

Telefon: +30 23730 41653

FAX: +30 23730 41885

E-mail: [email protected] 


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