A beach to behold Halkidiki’s most unique beaches

A beach to behold: Halkidiki’s most unique beaches

The merriment of the summer commences on Halkidiki’s beaches, one of the most treasured things in this iconic destination. Spreading across a coastline of 550km, some of the beaches are rocky and wild while others boast velvet sands and dreamy shorelines all to yourself. Irrespective of their nature, all of them are of top quality and 71 of them have been awarded the prestigious accolade of the “Blue Flag” (list of 2017).
Below, we have compiled a list of our favorite beaches, all of them situated in the first leg of Halkidiki, i.e. Kassandra:

Nea Potidea

Ideal for families and big companies. The beach is truly long and its waters crystal clear. A slew of beach bars and restaurants reside there.

The vast beach holds also the opportunity for water sports while the scuba diving seekers will find a dedicated diving center that will provide them with all the equipment needed. First-timers will also have the chance for a maiden voyage to the underwater world of one of the clearest seas around the Mediterranean.
Rarity: The multifariousness of the beach: well-organized spots ideal for families, calm spots ideal for couples and eventful spots perfect for big parties.

Driving distance from the Potidea Palace hotel: approximately 4 min (2.1 km).

Loutra of Agia Paraskevi

Ideal for families due to the shallow and crystal-clear waters. The beach is named after the therapeutic thermal springs of the area that were accidentally discovered by a peasant who was searching for sulfur to sprinkle his vineyards.
Combine your visit to the sea with a visit to one of the tiny traditional taverns of the synonymous picturesque village. Do not miss the local “ouzo”.
Rarity: The clearest shallow waters that make the perfect backdrop for your kids’ childhood sea memories.

Driving distance from the Potidea Palace hotel: 43 min (52.3 km).


This long, capacious beach- its length is 4 kilometers- boasts translucent, emerald waters and powder sand. Start early in the morning to avoid masses and end the day at one of the seafront restaurants and the authenticity of the homonymous charming village. The carefreeness of the Greek summer in all its splendor.
Rarity: The intoxicating smell of the trees that reach the lapping tides will amaze you.

Driving distance from the Portes area: 19 min (19.0 km).

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