The best kept secrets of Potidea Palace Spa

Vacations mean tucking into the goodies of Hospitality and a large part of these goodies at Potidea Palace Hotel concern non-ordinary body and mind indulgences at our Spa Center. To navigate you through the distinct qualities of our impressive spa resort, we narrowed down the best kept secrets of Potidea Palace Spa:

  1. How far would you travel to experience a mind and soul spa treatment similar to that which Ancient Greeks experienced?
    The Ancient Greek massage is an ancient massage based on the Hippocratic methods that took place in Ancient Greece and more specifically, a form of hospital of the time for diseases of the body and mind. This therapy achieves the increase in the blood’s micro-circulation as well as the strengthening of the skin tissue in atrophied muscles and joints. One of your all-time favorites and the best body detox.
  2. Have you tried our Amvrosia treatment?
    Nourishing and moisturizing based on honey and the highly nutritious elixir of royal jelly. In Ancient Greece, royal jelly was considered the food of the Twelve Gods of Olympus.
  3. Try the Afrodite’s Rose Treatment and let yourself marooned in a blissful summer…
    It’s high time you pampered yourself, after soaking up moments of sunshine, with the Afrodite’s Rose Treatment. According to Greek mythology, red roses get their color from the blood of Aphrodite. Enjoy a refreshing facial treatment with wild rose extract, which moisturizes the skin in depth; an essence detox.
  4. Sooth stress away in our Hydro-massage Pool
    Complete your treatment protocols with thalassotherapy, sauna, steam bath and hammam; spa experiences that will leave you regenerated and revitalized.
  5. Time to get all dolled up at Potidea Palace Beauty Salon!
    Visit our Beauty Center appurtenant to the Potidea Palace Spa Center and enjoy our hair salon, manicure and pedicure services.

Welcome to one of the most elegant places to de-stress and wallow in luxury. Your Self-care Diary starts here: