The Vegetarian-Friendly Potidea Palace Hotel

The Vegetarian Friendly Potidea Palace Hotel

IG: @anastasija.kovach Hospitality is a field with diverse offerings, pleasures, and facets. Nevertheless, if we were asked to associate hospitality with solely some of these facets, gastronomy would be at the top of the list. Embedded in the genes of hospitality, food assumes a paramount role in everything we offer you every day in Potidea […]

When Our Favorite A-Listers Visited Us (part 1)

When Our Favorite A Listers Visited Us

In this article, we recall the times when our favorite A-listers visited us. It seems that celeb-spotting is a real thing at the Potidea Palace: Anastasia Volochkova? Famous Prima Ballerina Instagram profile: @volochkova_art This summer we were tickled pink to welcome Anastasia Volochkova to the Potidea Palace hotel and treat her with our upscale hospitality. […]