Let us introduce ourselves: Our top 3 traits

The overwhelming majority of our Trip Advisor page concerns the attributes of our personnel. In this article, we have compiled a list of our top traits, as they have been noted by you. The fact that we smile, we recognize guests and that we are imaginative are what set us apart.

We smile

We smile a lot. And, more precisely, we smile from our heart. Because we are engaged with what we do; because we sincerely love what we do. Besides, it is a well-known neuroscience fact, to talk about our stance with scientific underpinnings too, that people prefer amiability and the smiling faces. It is no coincidence that hospitality professionals have improvised insightful ways to instill the value of smiling into their teams. A striking example is the 10 and 5 Staff Rule which prescribes that whenever a guest “is within ten feet of a staff member, the staff member should make eye contact and warmly smile to acknowledge the oncoming guests. When a staff member is approximately five feet from a guest, a sincere greeting or friendly gesture of acknowledgment should accompany the eye contact and smile.” (coylehospitality.com, n.d.).

We recognize guests

The great memory is a skill that the vast majority of our team has. In this way, we remember our repeaters and brand devotees’ predilections and needs. This guests’ recognition allows us to forge a strong, intimate relationship and rapport with them.

At every occasion.

When a housekeeping lady, at the turndown service, finds a guest’s sunglasses under the bed and, longing to make a surprise for him, in lieu of placing them on the bedside table, she crafts, with towels and the sunglasses, a “Greek elephant” wearing sunglasses.

When our Pastry Chef is in the mood of changing the color of your bread loaf.

Where imagination is another word to describe the Potidea Palace gastronomic journey: our black bread?

Our top 3 traits
Photo courtesy of @viktoria_psy (on Instagram)

And when housekeeping art makes your stay more memorable.

We smile. We recognize guests. We are imaginative. But above all, we are proud of our hospitality values and we cannot wait to start welcoming you again, from April 25, and treating you with this very Potidea Palace hospitality!