The Most Useful Travel Tips for your Vacations in Halkidiki

Photo by Rocio Ramirez on Unsplash

  1. When you drive to nearby villages, carry a mosquito repellent with you.
  2. Remain hydrated especially in the two hottest months, namely, July and August.
  3. Have the hotel phone number handy. This is +30 23730 41653.
  4. The passports of all hotel guests need to be presented at check-in at our hotel.
  5. Watching the sundown unfolding in front of Potidea Palace beach is among those experiences that are worth planning a whole trip around. Nevertheless, it can get chilly by the sea at night. Hence, be sure that you have packed a sweater in case the temperature drops.
  6. Here, at Potidea Palace, it is our pledge to craft the merriment of your family holidays. This mission is amplified by a multitude of sightseeing places that tremendously contribute to the enjoyment of your family vacations. Such sightseeing places that are well worth a visit are Petralona Cave where a 700.000 years old human skull, one of the most ancestral European archaeological treasures, has been found, and also Sani Wetlands. It is therefore advisable to pack hiking boots, non-slippery shoes, and a hat.
  7. Given the great repertoire of dining options in Halkidiki, be sure that you won’t get lost in the many choices. Consult our Guest Relations department about the best restaurants and taverns around. You can directly reach our team via email at [email protected].
  8. We love to organize your holidays “dreamingly”. On those grounds, we strongly recommend that you should inform us about any dietary restrictions, food allergies, etc. you may have, well in advance of your arrival. Our Chef would be happy to cater for your special requests, predilections, and needs.
  9. Always carry a copy of your passport with you.
  10. Hospitality is defined as “friendship” in Greeks’ book. That being the case, do not get surprised if a local of the nearby villages pat you on the back, hug you or invite you over! Besides, hospitality has always been sacred for Greeks.
  11. Talking about villages and locals, be poised to encounter some very special road “impediments” on Halkidiki’s rural roads: goats and sheep! On the occasion of such an encounter, drive very slowly and wait till the herd leaves the road.
  12. Last but not least, download the XE Currency App on your cell phone. It is the easiest way to convert currencies.