10 Mind-Boggling Facts about The Parthenon and its replica at The Potidea Palace

Sun-splashed pristine shores, tangerine sunsets, sumptuous cuisine, and legendary guest service are what make the Potidea Palace hotel an unforgettable getaway. Nevertheless, it’s the rarities of the Potidea Palace hospitality that genuinely have guests hooked. The Parthenon replica of the hotel is one of these rarities. Below, we have listed ten mind-boggling facts about the Parthenon and its replica situated at our resort:

  1. There is hardly a straight line to be found in the Parthenon. There are only curves, which is also one of the core nature laws and precisely what happens in nature itself.
  2. Its construction began in 447 BC, during the Classical Period, and ended in 438 BC.
  3. The temple is dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena Parthenos (“Athena the Virgin”).
  4. The Parthenon is deemed a symbol, paying tribute to democracy that was established in Athens over the same period.
  5. If your schedule permits, visit Athens for one day to marvel at the real Parthenon. Otherwise, visit the Potidea Palace hotel and find yourself at the crossroads of legends, gods, and people who created one of the world’s most spectacular buildings. In fact, there are only two full-scale replicas of the Parthenon around the globe. One of them is situated at the Potidea Palace and the other in Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee.
  6. The Parthenon is the epitome of perfection and excellence, semantically, aesthetically, mechanically, and architecturally, considering that Pericles carried white marble from Mount Penteli to the highest point of the city, not having the contemporary technological know-how.
  7. The Parthenon’s architects were Ictinus and Callicrates.
  8. A central, original feature of the Parthenon was the statue of Athena Parthenos, a marvelous statue sculpted by Pheidias, made entirely of gold and ivory. The breathtaking statue was 40-foot-high, accenting, even more, the magnificence of the building.
  9. At Potidea Palace, you can now walk down the aisle in an Ancient Greek style.
    Consult our Wedding Connoisseur and tie the knot inside the Parthenon, a replica of the world-class monument by the pool area.
  10. The Potidea Palace Parthenon can host your private event, making a definite promise to stuff your guests’ eye with wonder. Recently, a painting exhibition took place in the interior of the ancient temple- replica.