Your Potidea Palace Bucket List

Image by marijana1 from Pixabay 

It is a truism in the Hospitality and Tourism industry that some travel experiences are unmissable and at the same time irreplaceable. And these are the experiences that any sophisticated traveler wants to tick off his bucket list. We did the legwork for you and present the ultimate Potidea Palace Bucket List to you:

1. The Potidea Palace Greek Nights

The Potidea Palace Greek Nights

Taking place every Thursday, the Potidea Palace Greek Nights acquaint you with the Greek traditions, inspiring you to fully immerse yourself in the indigenous culture. Hold the hand of a person whom you don’t know, move to the rhythm of “syrtaki” and live exciting moments that people can share solely over a great dance. The conviviality of the people and the Greek spirit are in the air. They do say that you get to know one nation only when you celebrate in the same way that the nation celebrates and this is the right place to get to know us, the Greeks.

2. A massage treatment befitting paradise

A massage treatment befitting paradise

There are many items in the spa menus of hotels around the world. Items- treatments that promise to melt stress away, to relieve muscle tension, to give luminosity to the skin, etc. Nevertheless, none of them offers you the signature seaside massage treatment that the Potidea Palace hotel has orchestrated for you. This is your beach state of happiness and your toes in sand massage!

3. Wine Degustation at Cava Idea

Wine Degustation at Cava Idea

Hint: It’s free!

Keeping your bellies happy is the top priority for us and it is not coincidental that we try to leverage the local flavors. Part of this consistent effort is the Wine Degustation sessions being held every evening at Cava Idea, the resident wine cellar. Our world-class cava houses the richness of the Greek vineyards: the grape varieties of Macedonia, Thrace, Central Greece, Peloponnese, Crete, and the Greek islands. Our expert guides will be very glad to navigate you through the Greek viticulture and reveal the secrets and dimensions of wine to you. The main corpus of the discussion will be stipulated on the tannin, acidity, sweetness, reduction, oxidation, aging and all the other basic notions that appertain to wine-making and tasting. Do not omit to try Sauvignon Blanc (white grape), Grenache Rouge (red grape), Xinomavro (red grape), and Roditis (white grape). Best of all, the wine tasting sessions are for free. Besides, (Travel)“Happiness like a fine wine should be savored sip by sip.” – L. Feuerbach-, and this is something we know inside out.